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Neue Website

New website / webshop

Sieso is proud to announce that the new website is ready. There you will find the new Webshop with an extensive range of ergonomic products & services. The website also contains a lot more information on, for instance, workplace adjustments, RSI/CANS and Health & Safety requirements.

There is now a much wider range of products for all computer workplaces as well as special ergonomic products for individual needs. In the near future, Sieso is also going to start offering services such as RSI awareness workshops, workplace advice & assessment and Biofeedback training.

It is our goal to be able to provide you with anything you might need in the field of the ergonomic set up of your workplace. For your convenience, you will be able to create an account with Sieso and order directly online, which will speed up the ordering & delivery process. The website will be available in English, German, French & Dutch.

Sieso - Simple Ergonomic Solutions
Statik Relax

Introducing Biofeedback in the office environment

At the A+A or Medica trade fair in Düsseldorf you already saw a demonstration of a prototype of the Statik-Relax and you showed interest in it.

The Statik-Relax is a high-tech compact electromyography device, especially designed to prevent complaints in arm, neck and shoulder (CANS), occupational disease number one in Europe.

The Statik-Relax is the smallest EMG measuring device in the world. Unlike other biofeedback devices, it can distinguish between 3 different types of muscle activity: ‘static’, ‘slow-dynamic’ and ‘fast-dynamic’.

It signals to the user (by means of a graphical display) the level of risk of muscle-related problems and allows the user to change his/her posture before complaints develop.

The Statik-Relax is very user friendly. It is placed on e.g. the trapezius muscle with 2 small surface electrodes and connects to a PC or PDA by means of Bluetooth technology.

There will also be a PRO-version of the Statik-Relax which encompasses and internal memory, enabling many possibility for analysis & reporting. There is also the possibility of renting a Statik-Relax on a monthly basis.

On the A+A Trade Fair in Germany, the Statik-Relax was awarded ‘most innovative product’ of the entire Fair.

After a long wait we finally received the European certificate of conformity. We are proud to announce that the Statik-Relax is now in production and ready to deliver. We only have a small batch of the Statik-Relax deliverable for the first orders, so please order quickly if you are interested in purchasing one.

Statik Relax


New beginnings in a new location

After 4 years of devotion towards the ergonomic improvement of computer workplaces in order to decrease absenteeism and increase productivity, Sieso is ready to expand into new markets. With its success in the Dutch market, Sieso is starting to build up a customer base in Germany and the rest of Europe.

With some other important changes this year such as the new website and a new, unique Biofeedback device, we decided to also move to a larger and nicer location. As of 1 April 2008, Sieso will be moving to a recently renovated office complex in Diemen. The address of the new office will be Weesperstraat 118-T, 1112 AP Diemen.