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P R E S S  R E L E A S E

Amsterdam, 27 October 2007

Sieso® is presenting a breakthrough in biofeedback, with the Statik-Relax®. The innovative aspect of this product is that when it is measuring muscle activity, the device can distinguish between different kinds of muscle activity. This very user-friendly and compact device is therefore the only biofeedback device capable of truly determining muscle fatigue or hardening. This is the best indicator for the risk of RSI complaints. De Statik-Relax®-Mini has especially been designed to prevent Complaints in Arm, Neck and Shoulder (CANS). Moreover, this device is very suitable as a measuring tool in the reintegration process of people suffering from these aches.


This very compact device (no bigger than the remote control of a car) has been designed to measure fatigue in and hardening of the muscles in the arm, neck and shoulder region. The Statik-Relax®-mini protects office workers against CANS (or RSI, occupational disease number one in Europe). The Statik-Relax®-mini can be used for prevention purposes, when for example all new employees work with the device for a few weeks. The user will experience the effect of posture, workplace design, work hours, breaks, etc. on muscle fatigue. The Statik-Relax®-mini can also be used by occupational health-professionals and (para) medics to measure the course of muscle fatigue during the day, week and/or month. With these data, one can give the client personal advice to fit his or her needs.

The innovation
The innovative Statik-Relax®-mini distinguishes between ‘static muscle activity’, ‘fast dynamic muscle activity’ and ‘slow dynamic muscle activity’. The risk on CANS only becomes higher with the first two types of muscle activities, while ‘slow dynamic muscle activity’ reduces the risk of developing CANS. Other biofeedback devices only measure the flexing or activity of a muscle, which is not the same as muscle fatigue. This is the distinguishing feature of the Statik-Relax®-mini. Because the Statik-Relax® distinguishes between all kinds of muscle activity, one can really determine to what extent muscle fatigue and -hardening are taking place at any given time. More than eight years of research into Electro Myografy (EMG) of muscles by the renowned German research institute Thumedi have led to this unique product.

Features Statik-Relax®-mini

  • The Statik-Relax®-mini is the smallest EMG-measuring device in the world.
  • Many feedback options:
    • Acoustical alarm (can be switched off)
    • Display on PC/Laptop or PDA: an indicator for Risk of CANS as a result of muscle fatigue but also an indicator which gives immediate feedback on the current strain on the muscles. On signalling a high level of muscle fatigue, it’s possible to get tips and more information on posture, work breaks, etc. It is also possible to display exercises to reduce muscle hardening.
    • Graphical display of muscle fatigue on computer or PDA.
    • Graphical display of muscle activity on computer or PDA.
  • Completely wireless. The Statik-Relax®-mini is placed underneath the clothes on for example the trapezium muscle (neck/shoulder area) with two small electrodes. The device is connected to computer or PDA by means of Bluetooth.
  • Very easy and user-friendly.
  • Possibility to store all data on the internal memory (only PRO version). This offers many possibilities for analysis and reporting.

Sieso® on the Medica 2007
Sieso®, together with Thumedi®, will be present at the Medica tradefair in Düsseldorf from 14 to 17 November in Hall 3, stand E74. At this European tradefair, the Statik-Relax® will be introduced and demonstrated. There will also be demonstrations of other products based on this new technology by our partner Thumedi®. Such as a ‘Differential muscular multisegment Spinal analyses’. You’re most welcome to come and see our demonstrations there. More information on our products can be found on our website:


This press release can be found on the website of Sieso® via this link: Please click here
On this page you can find pictures of the product.

For more information, please contact Marcon van den Berg (see below for contact details).

Sieso®, Simple Ergonomic Solutions
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