3M 'Joystick'-mouse (Large palm width)

3M 'Joystick'-mouse (Large palm width)
The 3M? Ergonomic Mouse is an ergonomically designed optical mouse that helps reduce stress to the nerve in the carpal tunnel and to the muscles in the user's arm. It has also been shown in clinical trials to reduce discomfort for computer users. Features - Innovative vertical design keeps the arm in a comfortable, more neutral and natural "handshake" position - Uses larger muscles to move mouse, reducing risk of discomfort - Left and right click functions using the thumb button on the top of the vertical grip - 3rd button on handle can enable scrolling in some applications - Available in two sizes: small/medium and large - Easy installation - USB connector with PS/2 adapter - Compatible with PC, Macintosh, and iMac computers with USB ports

€ 85,00

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