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    Heading towards the optimal workplace
    Preventive products for every workplace
    All workplaces should be equipped according to the European Guidelines for office workers who work with a monitor. Working with TFT bracket or a laptopstand allows you to work for more than 2 hours per day with a monitor. For your convenience this is also offered in combination with RSI awareness workshops and individual workplace assessment as a complete package: Sieso Optimal Workplace.

    Sieso also offers various office and computer accessories to increase the comfort of the workplace.
    Individual ergonomic products for special needs

    For office workers with an increased risk (e.g. data typists) or with beginning complaints in the arm, neck and shoulder (CANS/RSI) area. To optimise the workplace, Sieso® offers special ergonomic (vertical) mice & keyboard, foot rests, document holders, lumbar rolls etc.

    Biofeedback products
    In the area of Health & Safety Sieso has the most advanced biofeedback assortment. The range of products with the patented Sieso biofeedback technology is increasingly growing.
    Sieso services
    In order to harmonise man and the  office workplace, Sieso offers employee workshops and workplace assessments with the help of Sieso biofeedback. With biofeedback each employee can be measured and assessed on the risk of getting complaints in the future and the workplace can be adjusted optimally to him/her.
    This website
    On this website you will will find, amongst other things, more information about RSI/CANS, Health & Safety regulations, setting up an optimal computer workplace and tips & tricks for people who work behind a screen. You will also find extensive information about the products and services of Sieso. You can order these directly via our webshop (click on one of the productcategories on the left of this page to go directly to the webshop) or through one of our partners.

    About Sieso
    Sieso® (Simple Ergonomic Solutions) is a specialised producer and supplier of high-quality and innovative ergonomic products and services. Sieso is active throughout Europe. With our assortment of ergonomic products one can arrange all computer workplaces ergonomically according to the last European directive 90/270/EEC (describing how you must adapt the computer workplace ergonomically when working longer with the computer than 2 hours per day). Besides high-quality products, Sieso can also offer advice by means of your Health&Safety coordinator or directly on the workplace. Eventually Sieso wants to reduce sickness and absence, with its products and services, particularly as a result of CANS (Complaints to Arm, Neck and/or Shoulder, also known as RSI).

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