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For each site visit, transaction or agreement through our site, the terms and conditions of Sieso, including the Conditions and Terms of Use of this website and the Privacy Policy, apply.

BergMarketing, operating under the brand name Sieso (Sieso "), reserves the right at all times to wholly or partially adapt, change and / or replace www.sieso.info and its information as well as the Conditions and Terms of Use of this website and the Privacy Policy. All changes will be published on this website www.sieso.info. The (continued) use of www.sieso.info and / or the placing of an order and / or giving up personal information on this site is subject to the Conditions and Terms of Use of this website and the Privacy Policy and to any changes or amendments thereto. Do not continue visiting www.sieso.info if you do not agree to the General Terms and Conditions, as well as the Conditions and Terms of Use of this website and the Privacy Policy.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The Conditions and Terms of Use of this website and the Privacy Policy will be governed by and construed in accordance with Dutch law, and any disputes relating to it shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Amsterdam.
Terms and Conditions of Use of the website

Information on www.sieso.info

On the content and use of www.sieso.info these Conditions and Terms of Use are applicable. The information on www.sieso.info can be changed without notification. Sieso is not required to update information or correct any possible errors on www.sieso.info.

All intellectual (ownership) rights (in each case including all copyrights, patents, trademarks and database) with regard to all the information, content, data, databases, graphics, links, text, files, html tags software, product names, company names, trademarks, trade names and logos on www.sieso.info (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Content") and the manner in which the content is presented or published (including the design of www.sieso.info and other visual elements) and any information relating thereto, belong to Sieso, its sponsor (s) or its licensor (s).

On all displayed pictures, figures and illustrations there is copyright. It is forbidden to copy and / or use pictures, figures and illustrations from the site for reproduction without the prior written consent of Sieso. This will ensure the best possible protection of the privacy of all persons photographed.

Multiplication and dissemination of the information on www.sieso.info is only granted after prior written consent and only in the same form, always indicating the original source and the name www.sieso.info.


The information on www.sieso.info may also come from third parties who are responsible for the accuracy and completeness. The user of www.sieso.info cannot claim any rights on the content of the information on www.sieso.info. Sieso is commited to inform you in the detail information about the manufacturer and the latest modification date, but is not obliged to do so.

Exclusion from Liability

The information on www.sieso.info should not be considered as an opinion or as a substitute for a consultation or treatment by a medical specialist. The use of the information on www.sieso.info and any decisions on the basis of that information are your own responsibility. Sieso develops and imports products and services to enable you as a PC / laptop user to modify and set up your workplace as ergonomically as possible and comply with with the related legal standards. Sieso is not responsible for the possible emergence of RSI / CANS related complaints / injuries. The products and services offered are aids and offer no guarantee of excluding CANS / RSI-related complaints. Sieso is therefore excluded from all liabilities directly or indirectly connected to this.

The content of this site and the content of all other expressions of Sieso on the Internet have been composed with the greatest care. Sieso strives to compile and maintain its information on www.sieso.info as complete and accurate as possible, but Sieso does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information on www.sieso.info. The information on www.sieso.info is offered without any warranty and Sieso is excluded from all liability for any use of information found on www.sieso.info. Furthermore, Sieso is excluded from all liability from any direct or indirect damage of any kind in any way related to the website.

Sieso does not guarantee (a) that www.sieso.info and its information is always available and / or functions correctly and (b) that www.sieso.info or the servers on which www.sieso.info is made available are free of viruses or other harmful elements. Sieso is excluded from all liability associated with this.


www.sieso.info may contain links to other websites and / or servers that are not managed by Sieso. Sieso is in no way responsible for the content of such other websites. Sieso offers such links only for the convenience of visitors to www.sieso.info and does not necessarily recommend these websites or support their content. Be aware that other websites and / or servers that you are connecting to through www.sieso.info might have terms and conditions that may deviate from the terms and conditions as described in the Conditions and Terms of Use of this website.

Privacy Policy

Visitors Statistics

In order to be able to align www.sieso.info with the information need and the search behaviour of our visitors, visitor statistics are recorded. None of this information is stored in a manner which identifies persons.

Additional information provided

We retain and use e-mail addresses only directly addressed to us, or where it is clear that they are addressed to us. We use an e-mail address only for the intent with which it is sent to us and for other marketing or service purposes, to the extent that this also has been authorised. These approvals are to be changed at any given time via our website or by letting us know by other means. In addition, this option is offered in each marketing and e-mail service through a direct reference to our site. We never provide e-mail addresses to third parties. Furthermore, we keep and use all the information that you voluntarily provide us with through our website exclusively for the handling of orders, implementing agreements made with you, customer relationship management, information management, marketing and service purposes (according to our terms & conditions). If you give us your address and / or your phone number through our website, you can receive selective mailings and catalogues from us and / or we can approach you by telephone to give you information about our products and services. If you do not wish to receive such information (by mail and / or phone), please contact us. We have special relationships with partners and third parties over the Internet, but we never provide them with your personal information, nor do they provide us with any personal information you may have given them (unless otherwise specified and / or necessary).

We use a secure server with its own access code for receiving or transferring critical information. We have taken the necessary security measures to prevent the loss, unauthorized use and modification of information that we received on our site. Online financial transactions are conducted via a secure connection to the secure server of external financial institutions. Your confidential financial data will therefore never be known to us. Only the amount paid and the timing of payment will be communicated to Sieso.

Only with your permission

In case we want to use your information for purposes that are not (yet) provided in this privacy policy, we will announce it in advance, so you can give us your consent to this. Upon request we provide our customers access to all information we hold of them. Also, we offer visitors the opportunity to correct any incorrect information, for which you can contact us. If you wish to respond to our privacy policy, or if you find that our site or our actions are not in line, please contact us.

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