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The Statik-Relax® is a high tech compact device, especially designed to prevent Complaints in Arm, Neck and Shoulder (CANS or RSI, occupational disease number one in Europe). The Statik-Relax® helps to protects office workers against CANS /RSI. The device signals the increase in muscle fatigue (mainly caused by static stress in the muscle). When warned by the device, the user can change his/her posture or activity before aches can develop.


The Statik-Relax® can be used for prevention purposes, when for example all new employees work with the device for a few weeks. The user will experience the effect of posture, workplace design, work hours, breaks, etc. on muscle fatigue.

The Statik-Relax® can also be used by occupational health-professionals to measure the course of muscle fatigue during the day, week and/or month. With these data, one can give the client personal advice to fit his or her needs. Moreover, this device is very suitable as a measuring tool in the reintegration process of people suffering from these aches.

Features Statik-Relax®

-        The Statik-Relax® is the smallest EMG-measuring device in the world.

-        Very easy and user-friendly. The device and two small electrodes make one integrated small unit with fits underneath your clothes. The Statik-Relax® is placed directly on top of the target muscle. For office workers this is typically the trapeze muscle (neck and shoulder area) or the muscle group in the forearm.

-        Completely wireless. The Statik-Relax® is placed underneath the clothes on for example the trapezium muscle (neck/shoulder area) with two small electrodes. The device is connected to computer or PDA by means of Bluetooth®.

-        Many feedback options:

o Acoustical alarm (can be switched off)

o Display on PC/Laptop or PDA: an indicator for Risk of CANS as a result of muscle fatigue but also an indicator which gives immediate feedback on the current strain on the muscles. On signalling a high level of muscle fatigue, it’s possible to get tips and more information on posture, work breaks, etc. It is also possible to display exercises to reduce muscle hardening.

o Graphical display of muscle fatigue on computer or PDA.

o Graphical display of muscle activity on computer or PDA.

-        Possibility to store all data on the internal memory (only PRO version). This offers many possibilities for analysis and reporting.

-        The innovative Statik-Relax® can distinguish between different kinds of muscle activity’. Other biofeedback devices only measure the flexing or activity of a muscle, which is not the same as muscle fatigue. This is the unique and patented feature of the Statik-Relax®. Because the Statik-Relax® distinguishes between ‘static-‘, ‘fast dynamic-‘ and ‘slow dynamic-’ muscle activity, it can really determine to what extent muscle fatigue and -hardening has developed during the use of the device.

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