Information on RSI (CANS)

What is RSI?

RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) is a collective term used to describe complaints which are caused by the prolonged working in the same posture or by repetitive movements. The complaints occur in the neck, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands. The complaints can be expressed as pain, fatigue and irritation of muscles & tendons, a tingling or numb sensation, or a loss of strength. Anyone who regularly works behind a screen can suffer from RSI.

How does it emerge?

Working behind a screen is light-static work. This means that for this type of work the muscles are lightly but constantly strained. Research has shown that during this, the blood circulation in the muscles can decline by up to 80 %. Due to this waste materials are accumulated which then irritate the connective tissues. This creates pain which in turn causes more muscular tension.
Through the constant irritation of the tissues damages occur in the connective tissues. The replacement time of the connective tissue can be between 6 and 9 months, so the recovery period is also long. Stress can also play an important role in the emergence and worsening of complaints, because we unconsciously increase the static tension of the neck, shoulders and arms when under stress.

The 3 Phases of RSI

Phase I: In phase I the complaints are quite vague and cannot be treated properly yet. The complaints occur during or right after work. The pain is on a certain spot and has not spread to other parts. After an evening's or a weekend's break the complaints disappear.
Phase II: This phase distinguishes itself through heavier pain which does not only appear during work, but also when you make other movements. You avoid certain movements and the complaints do not disappear any more after an evening's or a weekend's break.
Phase III: You have constant & continuous pain that does not disappear any more. Working is not possible and you no longer have much strength in your hands or arms.

Prevention of RSI

Sieso® offers a whole variety of products to prevent/decrease RSI-related complaints. The Sieso® laptopstand in combination with a separate keyboard and the Sieso® Anti-RSI-Software are the most important. Here are some important tips for the prevention/decrease of RSI-related complaints:

  • Take regular breaks
  • Vary working behind a screen with other work
  • Do not work longer than 5 to 6 hours behind a screen.
  • Remember a good posture while working behind a screen and alternate it.
  • Avoid stress while working with a screen, keep your respiration relaxed and constant by means of abdominal/diaphragmatic breathing.
  • Adjust your workplace ergonomically.
  • Take complaints seriously. Emerging complaints (pain, tingling or numb sensations) can quickly become serious!

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