Preventive products for ergonomic optimalisation of every workplace

Sieso® offers standard solutions in the prevention of CANS/RSI. The main objective is to increase comfort at work and to reduce absenteeism. Even when the chair and desk are set up at the proper height, the height of the PC or laptop monitor is too low. As a result of this, the muscles in the neck are heavily and continuously strained. The Sieso® products also comply with the European and Health & Safety guidelines for computer workers.

To resolve this issue Sieso
® offers two handy standard solutions to ergonomically equip every workplace :
  • For desktop computers: Monitor raisers and Monitor brackets in all forms and sizes. For flexible as well as for fixed workplaces TFT/LCD-brackets are available in all price categories. Sieso® offers a very extensive range of brackets for new generation flatscreen monitors. These are typically set too low and with the help of a monitor arm they can be adjusted at the optimal individual eye height. To further improve the workplace, Sieso® carries a whole range of comfortable keyboards, mice, and other comfort-increasing accessories.
  • For laptops: the Sieso Design Laptop ergonomics set.
    One laptop ergonomics set includes: a Sieso
    ® design laptopstand (most compact and light-weight on the market), a compact notebook keyboard, optionally an optical mouse  and an instruction manual for the responsible use of PC's / laptops. Furthermore, the protective sleeve of the laptopstand can be used as a mousepad. So in one step you can use your laptop into a complete desktop workplace!
These standard hardware solutions can be complemented by Sieso's
® RSI awareness workshops for all your employees.Follow this link to see the service solutions for every workplace.

Do you or your colleagues work more than 2 hours per day behind a computer?
According to the European Directive 90/270/EEC, it is required to have computer workplaces ergonomically adjustable when working with a computer for more than 2 hours per day. Without ergonomically adjusting your workplace, the muscles and tendons of your neck carry a continuous strain of 30 to 45 kg (depending on the weight of the head). This strain can lead to CANS (Complaints in Arm, Neck and/or Shoulder; also referred to as RSI).

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