Fuiji Siemens Ergonomic Natural softtouch KB (USB)

Fuiji Siemens Ergonomic Natural softtouch KB (USB)

Raising the bar for ergonomics in the workplace, the design of this keyboard is based on exhaustive studies into user preferences and anatomical reality. The KBPC E meets all delta keyboard standards, promoting the natural positioning of the arms and hands to prevent fatigue.Sets a new standard for ergonomics on the workstation. It offers the optimal adjustment to the non-standard physiological and anatomical needs and habits of the user. Additionally all designs were considered for the standardization of delta keyboards. The KBPC E enables a natural attitude of levers and hands and thus fatigue-free writing. Three additional keys enable the comfortable and fast call of Windows functions. The user is offered 3 levels of adjustment. This keyboard can be easily adapted; from a compact keyboard it becomes a perfect ergonomically optimized device.

Adjustable in height as well as in split angle.


€ 109,00

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