Vertical Desktop Keyboard Safetype

Vertical Desktop Keyboard Safetype
RSI RSI is a major problem for Display Screen Equipment (DSE) workers. Not only for employees that suffer from it, but also for the employers that are confronted with loss of productivity and an increasing number of days in sick leave. The cost is tremendous: the TUC in the United Kingdom reported 5.4 million days lost in sick leave in 2003 (do you know what the costs in your organization are?) Is the mouse to blame? One of the most important causes of Repetitive Strain Injury can be found in the conventional input devices the DSE worker uses: keyboard and mouse. For years the mouse was blamed for getting RSI related complaints. Recent research (e.g. the Dutch TNO) has shown that people that work primarily with the keyboard, and seldom use the mouse, report about as many complaints as people that 'mouse' a lot. That would indicate that both mouse and keyboard play their role in developing RSI. Vertical Desktop The design of the conventional input devices, forces its user in a potentially harmful position. The posture one has to assume, and the amount of time spend in that position, can in the long run lead to RSI complaints (read more on this subject in: why vertical?). ErgoType addresses this problem with its revolutionary 'Vertical Desktop'. This combination of the SafeType? vertical keyboard and the optical E-Quill-AirO2bic? Grip-less? mouse offers a complete vertical solution for DSE workers: the SafeType? vertical keyboard is the result of years of research and study of medical scientific publications, that in the end lead to a patented design. The design evolved to the model that came on the market at the end of 2001, and that has a growing number of enthusiastic users today. The SafeType? vertical keyboard addresses all potentially harmful positions, and makes you wonder how you ever managed to work on a flat keyboard. More information on the SafeType? ? Read this. the design of the E-Quill-AirO2bic? Grip-less? mouse is based on bio-mechanical research. Starting point for the design was the shape of the hand in its neutral position. The designers also wanted to minimize the grip necessary to operate the mouse. The E-Quill-AirO2bic? mouse is available since December 2002 and is on its way to becoming the most widely adopted ergonomic mouse. More information on the E-Quill-AirO2bic? Grip-less? mouse? Read this When you use the ErgoType Vertical Desktop, your body automatically assumes a natural, neutral posture. The vertical design of keyboard and mouse, reduces static muscle tension and does not limit blood flow to the hands. The risk of developing RSI-like complaints, is reduced considerably. Additional products like the special mouse mat for the Quill? mouse, the Quill Well?, and a special program that reduces mouse clicks, the Virtually Hands Free? Mousing System, can help to further reduce the risk (see: all products) Right handed and left handed versions The ErgoType Vertical Desktop is available in a right handed and left handed version. The SafeType? keyboard comes in all major European language layouts, including a United Kingdom, German and French version.

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